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Board Meeting Minutes

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  • 28 Feb 2017 11:42 AM | Deleted user

    HBC Board of Directors

    Meeting Minutes

    January 18, 2017

    1321 East 66th St., Suite #102


    The meeting was called to order at 6:37 PM.

    In attendance:  Jim Luoma, Dan Robinson, Bev Sorensen, and Barry Cole, along with guests Leon Webster, and John Zeiss


    The agenda was approved with the change that Leon and John would present their information after the minutes, but prior to the other agenda items, so that they could leave early should they wish to do so.


    Minutes were read and approved.


    Subsequent to information provided by Leon and John, it was decided to approve purchase of website security certificates for our four websites. 

    Motion to approve purchase by Jim L. seconded by Bev S. approved by all, carried.

    Leon and John will get back to us with specific pricing information.


    Standing Reports:

                Treasurer:  $900 transferred to TCF from PayPal account to avoid penalty for                                           having  a balance below $2,500. Two members paid dues. No                                              update on our Vanguard Account access issue.

                Marketing:  No report as Russ recovering from shoulder replacement

                Membership: Two members paid dues. Lost 2 members, Carol Belair and Paul                                           Huntington. Total membership now at 198.

                Operating Calendar: Only changes this month is to snack assignments. Smart                                             cycling dates in flux due to speaker availability, but likely to be on                                               February 10th.  Meeting date and other information may change                                           next month due to Barry and Dan being gone part of June.

                Smart Cycling: Recent event about Major Taylor probably the Best event ever                                          presented. Dates in flux for next event, but should be Feb 10.

                Old Business – Club records from previous President still not provided to new                                          President.  Access to club funds at Vanguard remains unresolved.

                New Business: TDA Report – See attached from Greg.  Discussion involved                                              lowering the price on the TDA Jersey, keeping the S.A. provider.                                          Discussion to have HBC take over jersey design, as long as we                                            don’t ruffle feathers at D’Amico.  There is now one less person at                                              D’Amico to get involved with us regarding this event, and perhaps                                     they would like some help.


    Motion to adjourn. Approved. Adjourned at 8:07 PM.


    Respectfully submitted by Dan Robinson

  • 27 Feb 2017 2:42 PM | Deleted user

    HBC Board of Directors

    Meeting Minutes

    December 20, 2016

    1321 East 66th St., Suite #102


    The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.  In attendance:  Jim Luoma,  Dan Robinson, Jack Soltis,  Bev Sorensen, Barry Cole and Danette Vassilopoulos.


    The January meeting date was moved to the 18th to have the most members present.


    2 items were added to the agenda.

    Website certificates

    Smart Cycling added to standing reports


    The agenda was approved.

    November minutes were approved.


    Minutes Annual Meeting

    Bev  Sorensen read the minutes from the annual meeting and requested her name be deleted for hosting the volunteer banquet.  Jim Luoma will clean minutes up for next November.


    Treasurers Report

    Motion made to accept treasurer’s report.  All were in favor.

    Bev will add Vanguard to the operating calendar


    Marketing Report

    Russ Lowthian is new marketing director.  Jim will contact for a report.


    Membership Report

    Club had 202 members/ 2 new memberships/ 4 memberships lost   Total 200


    Smart Cycling

    Danette read letter from Robin detailing her current plans.  This included a Smart Cycling program on Jan 13th on Major Taylor.  Danette will email Robin letting her know we are interested in co advertising with the MN Cycling Museum.


    Annual Budget 2017

    There was discussion on reassigning donations to TDA depending on the profit. 

    Motion made to add $500 in the budget for the website costs

    Motion amended by Bev to:

    • 1.     move $500 from donation budget to overall budget
    • 2.     Leave $2000 for the donation line

    Motion passed / all were in favor

    Bev will call Leon regarding costs for maintaining the website.


    Star of North Requirements

    Motion to leave as is.  All were in favor with one abstention.


    2017 Meet up

    We will continue paying fees for this year and money will come from the marketing budget.


    Meeting adjourned.



  • 27 Feb 2017 1:13 PM | Deleted user

    HBC Board of Directors

    Meeting Minutes

    November 15, 2016

    1321 East 66th St.,  Suite #102


    The meeting was called to order at 6:30.  In attendance:  Bob Bowen,  Jim Luoma, Dan Robinson, Barry Cole, Danette Vassilopoulos, Jack Soltis, Bev Sorensen, Bruce Allyn.


    The agenda was distributed.

    October minutes were approved.


    1. Election of Board positions


    • Nomination for Jim Luoma for president/ all voted aye
    • Nomination for Dan Robinson for vice president/ all voted aye
    • Bruce Allyn volunteered for treasurer   and Barry Cole will assist him as treasurer assistant/ all in favor
    • Danette Vassilopoulos volunteered to be secretary/all in favor

    Bev Sorensen has volunteered to continue to be in charge of the operating calendar.


    2. Treasurer Report


    All viewed financial reports from Greg Swanson

    There were questions on Greg’s reports especially the TDA sections


    3. 2017 Budget will be voted on at the December board meeting


    4.  There was a motion to change board-meeting dates to 3rd Tuesday/month beginning in December through March.  All present were in favor.  Next meeting will be December 20th at 6:30 pm


    5. Jen Pacygea is working on finding a location for the volunteer banquet, which will probably be the end of April.


    6. Danette will call John Zeiss/ Leon Webster with new board member titles and emails.


    7.  Motion to move the TDA web announcement to January/February


    8. By-Laws need to be transferred to Jim Luoma.


    9.  Smart Cycling tabled to next meeting.


    Meeting Adjourned.


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