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 Shelli's Bike Love Story 
 The Old Bike Break UpAfter a year in the club, my old bike and I had a frank discussion. He was a heavy hybrid and I wanted to go faster and he wanted to go slower.  We split up.
 The New BikeI went to Twin Cities bike dating site, Craigs List, and found my new love a Trek.
 How We Are Getting AlongMy "new" bike allowed me to ride a little faster and go on longer club rides. So much fun!
 A little bit about MeI have been a member for five years, and am currently serving on the Board of Directors.  

 Marty's Bike Love Story 
 The Old Bike Break UpAfter a 70 mile day on the MS Tram (2020 MS TRAM), my bike took me into a local bar for drink.  She said, "Look Marty, your 67 years old, my frame is built for a 25 year old.  It's no wonder you neck hurts after a ride.  Please sell me to someone younger and get yourself a bike with the new relaxed geometry.
 The New BikeI started dating a Specialized Roubaix (Roubaix), she was fast and comfortable.  The day before I was going to buy her, I came across a Fuji Grand Fondo.  She was almost as good as the Roubaix and a lot cheaper.  Being a cheapskate, I went for the Fuji and now love that bike. 
 How We Are Getting AlongWe have ridden over 8,000 miles together and it is still like a new relationship.  Wouldn't change a thing.
 A little bit about MeI love all aspects of riding.  Now that I am retired, I want to give back to cycling so I was last year's President of HBC and am looking for other ways to give back to biking.

Is this a monogamous relationship

Sort of!  I only have one road bike my Fuji.  I do have another bike, an REI Touring bike for gravel roads and grocery store stops.  I am dating around for a mountain bike, I need a full suspension bike for the comfort and safety.
 Greg's Bike Love Story 
 The Old Bike Break Up

Bought a Raleigh road bike when I first joined HBC.  This bike served me very well for a few years.  When I realized that this biking thing was for real, I decided that it was time for an upgrade.  I gave my Raleigh to my son.

 The New Bike

I upgraded to a Trek Domane 5, carbon frame.  The additional lightness and vibration dampening really make those long rides more pleasurable.  I have had it for 4 years, and am really happy with this bike.

 How We Are Getting Along

I treat the bike well and vice versa.  Some of the components are starting to wear out, but that is a good thing!  I just got my 2020 tune-up so am raring to go!

 A little bit about Me

I retired in 2011, and joined HBC shortly thereafter.  I really enjoy group riding, and discovering all kinds of new things about the Twin Cities.  I have also done quite a few out of town trips, including Iowa and Texas.  You can't beat riding a bike for fun.

Is this a monogamous relationship

Heck no!  I have a Schwinn 10 speed dating from the early 1970's.  I also have a Bianchi mountain bike that I use for shorter cruises around town, and a Trek Farley fat tire bike for winter riding.  It's good to have riding options!

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