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HBC Website Has New Look

21 May 2018 8:23 PM | Anonymous

The Hiawatha Bicycling Club has “re-skinned” its website.  Lizards shed their skin regularly to allow for proper growth. HBC needed to re-skin its site as the Club has grown and technology has changed dramatically in the last few years.

Re-skinning is simply about changing the way our website is presented. It’s a bit like having a makeover! Our ride leaders and our commitment to social riding lie beneath the site and has remained the same.

We re-skinned for a few reasons. First, we wanted a more pleasing website experience by changing the color and fonts to make it easier to read and and we also simplified navigating the site.  We have also added more content including a News Blog and FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions).

So, please explore the site and checkout the new content.  For members, to login click the little person icon in the top righthand corner.

For those who use their cellphone to access the web, the re-skinning was needed to provide you with more friendly mobile access.  If you click the 3 bar icon at the top left of the mobile page on your phone, you will get the website menu.  If you click the arrow to the left, you can sign-in.  The biggest benefit is that you can see the Ride Schedule from your phone’s browser by simple bringing up the mobile website and you do not need to scroll to find it.

If you see anything you would like added or changed to the site, please email the HBC Board and we will look into it.

Marty – Web Content Master


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